Brecknock Sinfonia/Players


We are very grateful to everybody who has played with us, and hope you would wish to play with us again. Use the "Contact Us" page to do so.

These are the names of some of those who have played with us in the last two years. Many thanks to you all.


  • 1st Violins:
  • Leader:   Laurence Kempton
  • Catherine Allen, Richard Barlow, Danielle Barratt, Sue Davies, Heledd Hall, Jennie Jones, Chris Madler, Kenon Man,
  • Kaye Marshall, Margaret Munro, Denise Richardson, Marisa wall, Jill Francis-Williams

  • 2nd Violins:
  • Ruth Brown, Romilly Cook, Sian Dulfer, Trudie Jordan, Elliot Kempton, Paula Kempton, Hannah Leney, Elizabeth Macfie
  • Simon Marr-Johnson, Lucy Rigby
  • Violas:
  • Justin Lingard, Wendy Betts, Tim Cronin, Trevor Davies, James Drummond, Debbie De Lloyd, Michelle Jenkins
  • Paul Jenkins, Louise Maunder, Dorian Newton, Sophie Rigby, Amanda Salmon, Adam Webster
  • Cellos:
  • Sonia Hammond,Robin Ambrose, Jane Blank, Kate Bresner, Stephen David, Alan Davies, Rosie de Lloyd,
  • Claire Grey, Olivia Hassell, Edward Kempton, Isobel Winstanley
  • Double-Basses:
  • James Leney, David Lloyd Davies, John Law

  • Flutes/Piccolo:
  • Viv John, Bethan Barlow, Heather Leighton, Sarah Waycott
  • Oboes:
  • Ruth Watson, Helena Evans, Huw Griffiths
  • Clarinets:
  • Richard Whitehead, Robert Osborne, Christopher Poynton, Sarah Searle
  • Bassoons:
  • Clare Walker, Richard Slaney, Joseph Walker

  • Horns:
  • Christopher Sturdy, Adrian Cook, Richard Crompton, Martin Ford, Pete Geraghty, Dai Williams, Ian Axtell, Hannah Stonelake
  • Trumpets:
  • Ted John, Deb Jones, Paul Kelly, Hamish Newport
  • Trombones:
  • Aileen Price, David Price, Eilir Alexander
  • Tuba:
  • Louise Alexander


  • Harp:
  • Katherine Thomas

  • Continuo:
  • Vaughan Bennet

  • Timpani/Percussion:
  • Diggory Seacome, Tom Woolfrey, Sarah Bradley, Megan Jackson, Megan Landeg, Michael Rose, Melissa Smith